Washing Machines

  • 15 CBM.

  • 6.5 CBM.

  • 15 CBM.

  • Bearing support and water inlet.

  • Motor and mechanical reducer.

Technical Data

Power supply: 380-400 V

Models available with cubic meters capacity:

  • 6.5 CBM
  • 9.5 CBM
  • 12 CBM
  • 15 CBM

Developed for the specific function of washing the breeding nets, they are essentially composed of a galvanized steel frame and a stainless steel washing drum which rotating in the two verse slams the net contained in a constantly renewed water bath.
All electrical functions are governed by a special panel with the possibility of complete adjustment of the washing cycle for times, speed, direction of rotation.
The large double swing door allows easy loading of the nets to be treated as well as the their convenient recovery once the washing cycle is finished.