The boatyard Ad.Aq. was born about 10 years ago from the idea of designing and building Service Boats able to last over time and meet the needs of those customers who want to get the most out of their equipment.
Our range includes unsinkable boats, built entirely by workers specialized in HDPE treatment. According to your needs we offer: Feeder 3, Mitilaq 33, Service Boat 7.5, and Alucat 17 catamaran.
Come and discover all of them!
The Feeder line, with mono or bi-cargo hold from the capacity up to about 8 tons (overall), are equipped with an automatic blower and can feed the fish in a short time and with a minimum of personnel.
Multi-Service boats with 5.7 m deck (7 m overall) inboard or outboard are designed to provide speed and ample load planes. They are extremely versatile: depending on the setting, they are designed for professional fishing or as work boats to reach quickly aquaculture sites.
Finally we have Mitilaq boats: designed for mussel farming, they offer a large work surface and can store up to 4 tons of processed and clean mussels ready to be sell.
Finally, the Alucat 17 catamaran is specifically designed to facilitate the operations of changing the nets, fishing, and installing cages and moorings. Being a specific boat for aquaculture utilization, it is equipped with the most efficient and modern lifting, towing and storage systems.