Alucat 17


Result of Ad.Aq. srl long experience in construction of fish farming system the ALUCAT 17 project has specific and unique characteristics for the realization of a versatile, reliable and fully satisfactory aluminum catamaran for the management of the various activities planned in a system.
Great stability for use of lifting cranes for loading / unloading operations, launching and maintenance of structures and mooring elements, net change operations also for large format cages, fishing operations and fry seeding.
Large free surface on deck: over 60 square meters of floor ensure plenty of space and the aluminum deck with capacities of over 1500 kg / sq.m allows the use and movement on board of tanks, bins and auxiliary machinery.
Resistant structure for the use of mooring winches up to 5 tons of capacity
Adequate cabin spaces for the wheelhouse and for the essential services of accommodation of the crew, divers control panels of the various functions of the boat.
Our yard is always ready and equipped to discuss and accommodate any specific requests from customers to better adapt the proposed boat.

Construction in Peraluman marine aluminum 5083H111
Free deck over 60 square meters with a load capacity of over 1500 Kg / sqm
Cabin for wheelhouse and service rooms
20 Tons stern crane with 12 m reach
N ° 2 winches
Hull compartments for engine rooms, tanks and peaks.

Omologation for work boat with declaration for the purpose of issuing navigability certificate or safety notes

    • Length F.T. 17.80 m
    • Length at the bridge 17.00 m
    • Waterline length 16.70 m
    • Maximum width outside frame 7.00 m
    • Preliminary construction height 2.30 m
    • Deck height on the buoyancy level 1,10 m
    • Maximum project immersion by L.B. mt 1.60
    • Full load displacement approx. 65 tons
    • Bunkering capacity approx. 4 tons
    • Fresh water load capacity 0.5 tons
    • Black water load capacity 0.3 tons
    • Hydraulic oil load capacity 0.66 tons


  • M2 marine engines serie FTP AIFO N67 MNT M28
  • Power: direct injection diesel, 280 HP
  • 6 cylinders with two valves
  • Total displacement 6.7 Lt
  • Inverter ZF reduction 3:1


  • speed: 9 knot