The net is the fundamental element for aquaculture systems. Ad.Aq. net responds to the highest quality standards, with the possibility of being produced in Nylon, Polyethylene, UHMWPE. All without knot, generally in black or white, with square mesh can be delivered on request with anti-fouling treatment. They are packaged with the use of Polystil rope or high tenacity polyester braid for structural parts with sewing finishes and handmade buttonholes, according to a design that is elaborated each time with the customer. On request the nets can be supplied in a divisible version with the use of special hinged closures or zippers in high-strength plastic.


Depending on the different fish to breed, the nets composing material generally differs in:
  • Nylon: all types of fry. Meshes from 6 to 10 mm from node to node
  • Nylon and / or UHMWPE:: Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Trout, Ombrina, Salmon, Sturgeon, Tuna. Meshes from 12 to 80 mm from node to node
  • Polyethylene:: Tilapia, Trout. Mashes from 8 to 40 mm from node to node

Ad.Aq. net is available with meshes that generally range from 4mm to 20mm for bass and gilthead cages and from 50mm to 100mm for tuna breeding cages. The overall height of the cage can vary depending on the characteristics of the site and the specific indications of the customer from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 20 meters.