Mitilaq Series Floats, are specifically studied for ”Long-Line” mussel culture. Produced by air-blowing moulding exclusively using H.D.P.E. with anti U.V. treatement, the buoys features high thickness shell (mm 5) guaranteeing strong reistance. The tough outer shell allows the use of a special tubeless valve to inflave the buoy assuring resitance to compression up to 0,8 bar.The buoys are complete of high resistant mooring eyes at both ends, to fix properly the connection lines to the main “Long-Line” rope. Standard colours: black, red / orange, grey. On specific request, buoys can be delivered in different colours. (Min. Qty. Pcs. 500)

Mitilaq floats

Ad.Aq. produces floats for mussel farming with biconical and spherical shape, to be used empty (filling in compressed air) or filled with PU. Eyelets for connection to moorings at both the ends.

Series Chart

Model Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg) Buoyancy (Lt)
Mitilaq 80 470 x 1000 6 80
Mitilaq 130 520 x 1200 8 120
Mitilaq 160 520 x 1450 10 168
Mitilaq 230 590 x 1680 18 230
Mitilaq 300 800 x 1000 23 300