Feeder 33


100% PEHD hull, 2 separate holds for feed, up to 20mt radius throw covering the 70% of the cage surface to optimize the feeding process reducing fish size dispersion and feed loss.

Selectable throw capability from 3 to 80kg/minutes.
Big-Bag or silo load. Reduction and optimization of loading times, navigation and delivery of food to cages.The system is easily pre-set to deliver to the single cage the exact amount of daily due feed under the direct observation of the operator of the fish behaviour during the feed spreading. Alluminium bridge with crystal windows.Console table complete with navigation and activation and control of the feed launch system instruments.

CE omologation in C. navigation class.
    • Length 9,90 mt
    • Waterline length 9,15 mt
    • Width 3,26 mt
    • Tubular lateral buoyancy dia 500 mm
    • No load draft 0,90mt (full load draft 1,15mt)
    • Tonnage 7,7 ton
    • Max load 8 ton
    • Fuel capacity : 2 x 320Lt
    • PEHD hold cover
    • Big Bags load – bags – bulk
    • 80 L stainless streel hydraulic oil tank
    • Dry distributor with blower positioned in the middle of the deck
    • Double hold in PEHD for feed container (aft hold 1: 6720 Lt) / (bow hold 2: 5698 Lt))
    • Distribution cannon in stainless steel with horizontal automatic movement to increase area of feed spread, hydraulic movement for orientation with remote
    • A Double cochlea feed alimentation
    • Distanza di lancio 12/20mt
    • Launch distance 12/20mt
    • Hydraulic pump to control and move cochlea-based alimentation
    • Hydraulic blower
    • Distribution capacity from 10 to 80 kg/min
    • Numeric control of erogation quantity
    • Cannon switch and controls with remote
    • Hydraulic circuit oil cooling of the feeding system with intercooler
    • Engine Lombardini LDW 1003S three cilynder HP 26.1 to alimentate hydraulic blower system, exclusive for the hydraulic system. Air cooling. Switch and controls in cabin.
    • Water separating filter mod.Racor
    • Fuel filters Racor


  • Marine engine serie AIFO N67 MNT M28
  • Power: 4 strokes direct injection diesel, 280 HP
  • 6 cylinders with two valves
  • Total displacement 6.7 Lt
  • Inverter ZF 63 IV – 2.0001
  • V transmission


  • No-load speed: 10 knots
  • Full load speed : 9 knot


The food dispensing control system consists of 2 control panels, one analogical and one digital. The analogical one is complete with all the controls for food supply, cage selection and Start Stop system. It also has two displays for counting the amount of feed expressed in kg and has controls for the wielding (DX / SX) of the throwing cannon and for raising and swinging the final bill.
The digital panel is equipped with a touch screen and allows interaction with any management program (excell included). It manages up to 99 cages by setting the feeding chart via USB and reports any differences in the recorded data.